Monday, January 29, 2007


Yesterday we took off in the jeep to explore an RV park about 40 miles north of here. We’ve been curious about it since our visit to Mazatlan last year when, following directions we got off the internet, we saw what was supposed to be the turn to the town of Celestino.

Imagine yourself driving a big bus down a four lane highway at 60 miles per hour. Now picture that highway raised, on top of a three foot high levee with sloping shoulders. Get ready, here comes your turn… 90 degrees to the right, down the sloping shoulder, onto a bumpy dirt road. Maximum recommended speed of about 5 miles per hour??? WE sure didn’t try that turn!

So we went back in the Jeep. The RV park was very pleasant and very remote. This is what the last three or four miles of the road looked like! It was nice to visit in the Jeep, and nice that we feel no desire to visit in Scoopy.

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