Friday, January 12, 2007


We're back in the same "site" at the Nogales, AZ, Walmart that we had last year prior to our trip into Mexico. This year we are missing our friends... drycamping in the WalMart parking lot is not nearly as exciting without them

We do have drycamping "neighbors" here, ranging from a 40' motorhome to a Class B camper van. One of them (not parked too close to us, fortunately) has an 8' tall wooden cross with a wheel on the bottom end, and the inscription "Jesus Loves You", leaning against it. Guess they aren't good candidates for a Happy Hour get-together.

A last-minute shopping trip in the Nogales Walmart is a perfect warm-up for Mexico. While customers all around us were conversing in Spanish, we bought avocados 3 for $1. Our clerk spoke to us in English, while an excited group of Spanish-speaking clerks tried to solve a problem for a Spanish-speaking customer, with our clerk tossing in a few Spanish words every so often. I was thrilled to realize I knew some of the words. :)

Here is the best thing about spending the night in the parking lot of this Walmart: We have 5 bars on our Verizon aircard, and are connected to Broadband. Whoosh, I am working at lightning speed.

We will cross the border tomorrow (Saturday) morning, and plan to be at Totonaka RV Park in San Carlos by the end of the day Saturday. If their WiFi is working, we'll be in touch. Adios!