Thursday, January 25, 2007


Slowing, slowing, slowing doooowwwwnnnnn...

We are well established in the land of Manana now, so I am not quite as current with the blog as I have been in the past. Well, that and the fact that I still have not worked out the Wi-Fi problem, so the entire process is a little more complicated.

This is what our little RV park looked like early in the morning of our first sunny day. I am facing the lane out to the street and down to the beach. Hints of a great day to come, no?

Odel played golf today with a group from a different RV park where we visited friends the other day, while I took the bus to learn the route, got kicked off at the end, got lost, found my way and practiced quite a bit of Spanish. :)

We are looking forward to the arrival of my great friend Becky in a week, and our friends Jeanie and Ray for a day in February. Don't have any fun winter vacation planned? Come on down!

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