Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cleanup Today, Tucson Tomorrow

We left our Boomer gathering on Sidewinder Road this morning around 9:15 am, to keep our appointment in Yuma for a front end alignment on Scoopy. We were carrying around 20 pounds of dust.

The alignment was done by 11 am (Dick, you were right... we were way out of alignment and need new front shocks within the year). One more stop, for propane, and we were on our way east.

Boomers, if you are reading this, cover your eyes. We landed in a lovely, long, wide, FHU site at Augie's Quail Trail RV park in Gila Bend around 2 pm. While I vacuumed all the dust out of Scoopy, Odel took several loads of laundry to the washers and thoroughly washed and vacuumed the Jeep. I took a LONG, HOT shower, gallons and gallons of water.... Oh, it felt so, so, good!

Boondocking with our friends is fun, and the feeling of self sufficiency is rewarding. AND, it makes full hookups feel SO luxurious!

If the wind is calm tomorrow, we plan to give the exterior of Scoopy a good scrubbing before we head to Desert Trails RV Park in Tucson. See you next year, Boomerville.

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