Saturday, January 27, 2007


Yesterday (Friday) we had lunch with a “virtual” friend. I have corresponded sporadically with Lee Jacobs for a year, and have followed her life and whereabouts on the Escapees chat forums and on her website . Lee has a casita here in Mazatlan, and we met for lunch at a seafood restaurant she recommended to us last year, El Memin. Ceviche tostadas (crab and shrimp) and Odel’s favorite, camarones empanazada (butterflied, lightly breaded, fried shrimp). Eat, eat, eat… with walks in between.

During lunch, Odel mentioned his search for a splitter, another step in his ongoing attempt to hook us up to satellite TV in time for the Super Bowl. We had our Jeep; Lee had the expert “local” knowledge, so after lunch we set off to find an electronics store.

The search took us right into the heart of the “centro”, the crowded, busy, narrow streets of “downtown”. Yikes!

We found the store and got the splitter but of more interest was the big store across the street - a ranch supply. I took these photos there - I had never seen a display of machetes like this. On sale, too.

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  1. WOW! Impressive!!! What do you suppose they use those machetes for? Is there farming in the area that you have seen? We notice that you mainly eat seafood. It that the main diet there? Do they have beans and rice and enchiladas, burros, etc. like we have here?