Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I’m a fan of words, and I enjoy finding an infrequently used word in the right place – “recalcitrant” on Judy’s recent post on Travels With Emma, for instance, or Tami’s (500 Dollar Tomato) use of “snit”.  My word for today?  Kerfuffle.  We had a kerfuffle here at Cal Expo near the end of our stay, a reminder to me of how the intention of the writer may not match the perception of the reader.

We return to our ex-hometown, Sacramento, twice a year, staying for 4-8 weeks each time.  Each time, at least 4 weeks of our stay is spent at Cal Expo RV Park, one of several RV parks and mobile home parks that serve RV’s in the greater Sacramento area.  Although we also stay with friends and at one of the area Elks lodges, when we stay in a campground, we always choose Cal Expo RV Park, part of the Cal Expo state fairgrounds. 

Why?  Great location and full hookups with 50 amp service.  Though there are other parks that offer some advantages over Cal Expo (some more roomy, some less expensive) each of the other choices has drawbacks for us (more traffic noise, no comfortable place to walk, poorly maintained).  So, Cal Expo is ALWAYS our choice, and it is the park we recommend to friends who value the same campground amenities we do.

This visit, we requested a one-week extension so Odel could complete his physical therapy before we left Cal Expo.  We were surprised to get a phone call from the manager when she reviewed our written request.  Her question: why did we want an extension when we are unhappy at Cal Expo?

That threw us for a loop, because we aren’t unhappy at Cal Expo.  After our stay last spring, I had updated our review of the park with a several comments about improvements at Cal Expo, including particular praise for the staff.  We have always had friendly relations with the staff here, but the park manager and at least a couple of the workampers were quite upset with what they perceived as an unflattering review of the park.  They found the review unnecessarily negative; we felt they overreacted, ignoring the positive points we made about the park.  Everyone (including us) was defensive and confused; we found the situation very uncomfortable.

So I want to say here, clearly: we have not been unhappy at Cal Expo.  We return here year after year, and we recommend it to others who are visiting Sacramento when we believe it best fits their needs.   Are there other parks we like better?  Sure, but NOT IN SACRAMENTO.

To me, the kerfuffle was a reminder that, while I can’t control how a reader will interpret and react to what I write, I CAN take care with adjectives and adverbs, choosing those that accurately express my intention.  With that in mind, I have posted a current review that I hope accurately represents Cal Expo RV Park as we see it, an urban park in a convenient location that offers amenities those of us traveling in big rigs often desire. 

Click here to read that review and see photos.  As I say on our campground review blog, these reviews are simply our opinion and reflect our experience – your mileage may vary, whether guest, management, or owner.  :)  Click here to visit the Cal Expo RV Park website, including more photos.  And don’t forget rvparkreviews.com, where you can find reviews of Cal Expo RV Park, many of the other options in the Sacramento area, and campgrounds across the country.  

Safe travels, wherever you land.  :)

Friday, November 25, 2011


Here is what I learned about myself during the past six weeks in Sacramento:  if/when we give up the full time life and settle down, I won’t be blogging!   But now it is time to blow the dust off the keyboard and warm up my fingers… we’re scheduled to leave a week from today.  We have a reservation at Anza Borrego State Park in the last half of December, with tentative plans to head south via the coast.  I’m so ready for a new view. 

It’s been a busy, busy time.  Lots of quality time with the family’s trio of super seniors, the above-85 generation.  Fun times with both my sisters (I’m in the middle, and both sisters now live in the Sacramento area).  Good visits with friends from our prior lives here, and with RV’ing friends who passed through Sacramento during our stay. 

I had another birthday; now just one more year until Social Security!  Odel flew to DC to visit his daughter and her family for five days, then came home to resume an eight session course of physical therapy, improving a bothersome shoulder problem.

What else?  Let’s see… repairs to the Jeep (doors wouldn’t lock) and a new windshield.  The microwave part of our microwave/convection oven died, and will be replaced on Monday. 

The biggest news?  My cousin Rosanna came to visit, and made an offer on a house in Placerville - accepted!

Some of you have met Rosanna and her mom, my Auntie Carol, in person.  Others of you have read about them and their animals at Paws and Hooves Ranch (motto: “Where we’re busy being happy!”), maybe on my blog, maybe on The Bayfield Bunch, maybe on the blogs of other travelers in southeastern Arizona.  Located between Chiricahua National Monument and the Dragoons, about an hour southeast of Benson and an hour north of Bisbee, Odel and I have spent many happy, busy days there.

As Rosanna, Carol, and all the animals grow older, upkeep of the little ranch is becoming a big job.  Rosanna had been daydreaming about moving for awhile, with no specific plan.  When she visited Sydney and Frank (my sister and BIL who moved from Bisbee to Diamond Springs, California, last year) earlier this month, she found her spot – a smaller home on 1/3 acre in a rural area.  Nice views, plenty of privacy, one mile from the supermarket, with an unmanicured, fenced backyard for the dogs that will be making the move.  Lots of TREES, a big change from her place in Arizona.  She made an offer, it was accepted, and a big life change is underway.

Anyone looking for a horse property in SE Arizona (Cochise County)?  Rosanna’s home is new-ish (15 years, maybe?), 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, nice big kitchen.  Lots of windows.  BIG barn, corrals of various sizes.  A good well.  A big, outdoor, clay oven!  A level site for a large RV with a 30 amp hookup and water.  The acreage is completely fenced and gated.   A covered carport - two, I think.  Good horse riding in the area – John and Brenda took their horses over to Council Rocks in the Dragoons a couple of weeks ago.

Rosanna has her place listed for sale now, and a lot of work ahead.  Guess Odel and I better zip on down there if we want to get in a last visit.

So, our countdown begins.  Odel has his last PT session at 8 am next Friday… then off we go.  See you on the road!