Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Yesterday was our shopping day, and we began by visiting the big Ley Supermercado on the north edge of Guaymas, the nearest city. Ley is similar to a super Walmart or super Target - they sell groceries along with household goods, cosmetics, books, stationery, etc. It is a huge store, and this particular Ley is in a major shopping mall, so there is much to see.

The parking lot was crowded and cars go in all directions. Older men in uniform jackets are stationed around; they smile encouragingly when you select a space and pull in, and hover in the area to provide assistance when you return. Our “attendant” remembered our car, held our cart as Odel unloaded and, after accepting a tiny tip (a couple pesos, under fifty cents), directed Odel as he backed out of the space. Another of the many, many ways Mexicans make a little job out of nothing.

I love the produce section of the Ley. At least 15 feet of the display case is filled with fresh chilis of all kinds. Fresh hominy is displayed in plastic bags. Most things I recognize, but many I don’t… check out these bins of beautifully colored whatevers.

In another corner of the store, the tortilleria counter has a long line. Fresh tortillas, corn or flour, come off long conveyer belts to be stacked on scales and sold hot by the kilo. Nearby are deli cases of innumerable chorizos and white Mexican cheeses in all shapes and sizes. Great browsing!

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