Sunday, April 21, 2013


Yes, Scoopy has been sold, purchased by blog-reading friends Linda and Steven.  They got in touch very shortly after we posted the particulars, and we worked out the details fairly quickly.

We can’t imagine a better home for Scoopy.  Linda and Steven are “graduating” from their well-loved pop-up tent trailer – a big step, and they are just as green as we were when we first purchased Scoopy from her original owner.  A two-day boot camp is on the agenda when they arrive to take the keys mid-May.  We like knowing that many more adventures are in Scoopy’s future, and are happy to pass our well-loved rig to people we know will enjoy her.

The new owners, from our visit with them in September, 2011:

Linda with smile

Steven with smile

So many of you got in touch through comments and email when we announced that Scoopy was for sale!  In answer to some of your questions, we are happy and doing fine.  Many of you mentioned that our decision to quit full-timing was a huge surprise.  Actually, it was rather a surprise for us, too – but life does take unexpected turns from time to time.  We both are so glad we had the good health and energy to enjoy full-timing for the many years we did, and to create such an abundance of special memories.

It tickles me how much our current living situation is like RV’ing.  We live in a beautiful mobile home park in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California.  Once you purchase your mobile home (which costs considerably less than a motorhome and is about four or five times the size), the site rent is similar to a well maintained 55+ RV resort, with similar amenities (clubhouse, pool, hot tub, lake, walking trail) but much larger sites.  The people we meet on the lakeside trail are friendly, and often walking a little dog, just like campers we met in our travels. 

BUT – and it is a big one – the view outside the windows changes only with the seasons.  I never wonder, when I awake in the morning, what I will see if I peek out the bedroom window.  On the other hand, if something breaks, I know who to call for repairs!  I now have a library card, and know which nearby grocery store has the best produce.  And Trader Joe’s is within 30 minutes!

Best of all, we are in close proximity to family, friends, and fabulous hiking in the Sierra Nevada.

Water crossing Frank and Odel Beautiful Twin Lakes hike

So, though travel in Scoopy is no longer in our future, we have plenty to enjoy in our new digs, especially now that spring has arrived.  We’ll be back on the high country trails as the snow melts, and we have plans in the works for remodeling the most outdated aspects of our new home.   Who knows, maybe I’ll have something to write about!