Sunday, January 14, 2007


This is a typical stretch of Mex 15, the major highway from Nogales to Mazatlan. It is paved, two lanes in both directions… a little narrower than the standard US freeway lane and, as you can see, virtually NO shoulder. Still, it is 100% better than the average Mexican road, and it is great to have two lanes in our direction. Often, the road runs on a raised levee, very dangerous if you stray off the non-existent shoulder. We saw one semi trailer upside down on the side of the highway, with the tractor still upright - the serious consequence of the rear tires leaving the roadway.

Some of the time, Mex 15 is a toll road, and we will pay about $300 US in tolls over the course of our trip. Though we could travel around the toll booths on the free roads, which go through villages, towns, and cities, we pay the toll for two reasons: there is WAY less traffic on the toll section, so less chance of an accident involving another vehicle; and we feel the smoother toll road saves us more than the $300 fees in wear and tear on our heavy motorhome. The topes (horrendous speed bumps) and potholes on the free roads can inflict serious damage.

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