Saturday, January 6, 2007

A Cold Saturday in Tucson

We awoke to a frosty Saturday morning, with a clear blue sky. As I drank my morning coffee, two hot-air balloons appeared over the desert, slowly heading our way.
As they got closer, we all hurried out of our rigs, some people still in pajamas. I tossed on some clothes and followed Odel outside in time to see this balloon "park" nearby.
Once the ground crew arrived, the balloon was deflated. It reminded me of Gulliver, tied to the ground.
Here it looks more like a Chinese dragon, with the people on the outside instead of the inside. It's the deflated balloon, being packed into its protective bag.
Odel joined the group for the final packing. The man in the red jacket is the boss/owner of Fleur de Tucson, the balloon company; they attend the Albuquerque Balloon Festival each year. Since we hope to attend for our first time this year, we struck up a conversation... he said they will be looking for a few extra "crew".

Excitement over, we headed off for our round of Saturday errands.

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