Friday, January 19, 2007


Totonaka RV Park is not the nicest RV park we have seen in Mexico, but it is better than many. Still, you can't compare it to U.S. standards. Because of this, one of the many entertainments here is to watch the afternoon arrivals.

This is the main entrance to Totonaka. Everyone pulls in next to the office, gets a map of the park, then heads out to find which of the empty sites will work for them. As did we, newcomers wander the park looking for a space large enough and flat enough to accommodate their rig... and then check out the utilities.

This is a photo of our utility box. It doesn't inspire much confidence, does it??

When we arrived, after hooking up our electric and water, Odel hooked up the cable to what appeared to be an extra line. Immediately (it was a Saturday and football was on), guys poured out of their rigs...! Oopsy, guess that wasn't a free line afterall.

In no time, the "neighborhood" had it worked out and everyone, including us, had a "picture" of one sort or another. All of our US network stations have a ghostly overlay of whatever is on CNN, so anytime the action is slow and poignant, we can read the ghost letters of, for instance, the latest CNN celebrity gossip on the faces of the Grey's Anatomy interns. Pretty funny!

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