Tuesday, January 23, 2007


It dawned cool and cloudy in Mazatlan this morning - cool meaning that it was 68 degrees inside Scoopy without turning on the heat - with our bedroom windows open. YAY! But, to not rub it in too much, it IS cloudy, windy and in the 60's today. Anyone here on vacation looking to go home with a tan... not gonna' happen.

We took the 8 peso bus downtown to the mercado first thing in the morning. One of our neighbors here at Las Jaibas was heading to the "Shrimp Lady Street" to stock up on a couple kilos of shrimp before he heads back to the US at the end of the week, so we went along to browse. BIG shrimp for $90 pesos per kilo (around $9 US). We'll be back.

After we checked out the B&B where my friend Becky will be staying, Casa de Leyendas, we strolled through Mazatlan Viejo (the old, original Mazatlan) until we found a promising restaurant for lunch. Here Odel and I tasted the BEST mole I have ever had... the mole of legend, the mole that shows why it is so revered. It was indescribable. It was on Odel's Enchiladas de Mole, which is what I want for lunch from now on.

I could go on and on about food, of course (about the HUGE pineapple we bought, for instance), but I'll save that for later.

Instead, here is one more quintessentially Mexican image. In the office, where I am working on my computer, is the "general use" computer where we can all check our email. Somehow, the image on the terminal turned sideways (how this happened, I don't know). So, they picked up the terminal and turned it on it's side! Everyone just uses it that way, as though it is completely normal. I love it.


  1. Soooooo good to view the "Blog" this a.m.! All that food sounds wonderful, especially "the mole". And we had a great laugh over the computer monitor! Enjoy!!!!!

  2. I agree. The monitor brings to mind that its all how you look at life -- turn it on its side, sometime it makes more sense.

    I'm reading your blog this morning as I slurp up my 6 oz cup of yogurt -- I can smell the shrimp even now.

    Buenos dias!