Tuesday, December 19, 2006

White Pre-Christmas - A Dream?

Yes, readers, this is Arizona... about 10 miles north of the Arizona/Mexico border. Is this why we RV travelers who head south are called "snowbirds"?? I don't think so! Tonight we drove from the ranch to Bisbee, so Sydney and Frank could have an early Christmas celebration with Rosanna before she heads to Cincinnati. As you can see, it SNOWED!

I took this photo right out the window of the Jeep on Double Adobe Road heading towards Bisbee. We were shocked, and a little thrilled.

When we got to Sydney's and Frank's, the snow had stopped, but enough had fallen to blanket the ground and all the spiky Arizona plants. This was the view from the front picture window.

It was cold and snowy outside, but warm, light, and filled with holiday spirit inside. We opened gifts, admired the decorations, and consumed a typically fabulous Brown/Baker meal.

We're back in Scoopy now, snug, fat and happy... and, yes, it is snowing outside now. Big, lazy white flakes drifting straight down in the very still night air. I wonder what we will see when we wake up tomorrow.

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