Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye, 2006.

Tonight, New Year's Eve, is a big night in Boomerville. Our "Z-Circle" social event begins at 8 pm, so all the Boomers are now at home either making ready for guests, or preparing a "heavy appetizer" (popcorn or anything that comes straight from a box has been banned) or dessert to bring to the first host's house. The eating, drinking and socializing all leads up to the big event: we stay awake for midnight (on AZ time). Whoopee, we're living on the edge!

Here are a few photos from the last day of 2006:

This is our neighbor (I think that is his rig on the far right). Not a Boomer, but he buzzed over our happy hour this afternoon. What a way to travel, huh? One of the many interesting toys we see out here.

When I turned north, I saw the moon rise over Boomerville; when I turned south, I saw the last, gorgeous sunset of the year - and felt once again that we are lucky, lucky, lucky to live this way.

Happy New Year, you all.

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