Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Day to be Indoors

It’s raining, it’s pouring… but my old man isn’t snoring. He’s consolidating trash, commenting on the news, readying his new fire extinguisher for use (we used our's a week ago when we came across a pickup truck beginning to flame), checking out our grocery list - the usual.

We're back in Tucson, at Catalina State Park. See the RV's in the photo above? Between them, they have TEN kids. They pulled in yesterday afternoon just before the cold front met the 10-degrees-above-average Tucson warmth. A BIG thunderstorm resulted - the lightening lit up the inside of Scoopy even with the shades down. The rain began and hasn't stopped. What do you do with five kids in a tiny RV when the weather switches to COLD rain?

Today's plans consist of urban chores in preparation for the next several days with our Escapee Boomer friends in the desert near Yuma. We go fully stocked with food and drink, happy hour snacks and New Year's treats. Hmmmm... still need some bubbly.

When we arrived yesterday afternoon, the weather was warm and dry. Luna immediately hopped outside for her favorite outdoor activity: rolling in the dirt and gravel. She does this anywhere we park, but particularly likes the southwest, where the static electricity caused by the low humidity binds twice the dust to her coat. This morning, thanks to the rain, she has not set a foot outside.

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