Thursday, December 7, 2006

Our Stay At Jojoba Hills

This is Scoopy in Site 636 at Jojoba Hills. We arrived here on Saturday, December 2nd, intending to stay 4 nights and visit with Boomer friends here... On Monday, we went back to the office and added another 4 nights to our stay. Our site is beautiful, the weather is wonderful, and we found we had many friends here in the park - new and old.

If we had left Jojoba Hills on Wednesday, as originally planned, we would have gone to Indio, in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert/La Quinta area for a few days. Since we decided to extend our stay here, we took a day trip to Palm Desert to visit one of our favorite seafood restaurants. This is part of the "shortcut" from Jojoba Hills to Palm Desert, MILES shorter than the route we take with Scoopy. It is quite a climb out of the valley; even in Jules we used the turnouts to let faster drivers pass us. We would not drive Scoopy this way!

El Paseo, decorated for Christmas. Full of glamour, this boulevard is lined with every high-end brand name shop available. Rolls, Jaguars, Lexus... Odel piloted while I gawked and photographed from the window.

This afternoon, we hit the pool - irresistable! Posted by Picasa

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