Thursday, December 14, 2006

Catalina State Park is EMPTY

With nothing holding us in Gila Bend, we were settled in our site at Catalina State Park, north of Tucson, by noon on Wednesday. The park is so empty! I took this photo last night as the last of the sun lit the mountain top - you can see all the empty spaces.

Once we settled into our site, we got to work on a hot water heater problem that has plagued us for the past few days - the hot water came out only in a drizzle. The fix requires much frustration, moving a lot of "stuff", crawling around the basement (Laurie), running in and out of the motorhome (Odel), drips, floods...! BUT, we got it fixed - YAY!

Today was a day of errands: to the lab for Odel's blood work, to the Post Office, Safeway, the Verizon store (mercifully short), Ace hardware and Trader Joe's. Just like a normal day, huh? It is our usual first day "in the city", catching up on everything. Tucson is under a haze of smog - really ugly! They are expecting wind and possibly rain this weekend, which would be a big help. We first noticed smog here last winter, and I am sorry to see that it continues to get worse.

One more errand to do tomorrow (Costco, which I enjoy) - then we have a weekend of hiking and relaxation to look forward to. I hope to get a photo of a roadrunner to post. They are all over this park and so much fun to admire.

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