Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No Record Set

We prepared for the worst last night: the propane catalytic heater was set on HIGH, the furnace was set to come on when the indoor temperature dropped below 62, an extra fleece blanket was on standby at the foot of the bed, and I had my fleece sleep sox on (a glamorous getup, no?).

When I got up at 4 am for… well, readers over age 50 know what for… Odel sleepily complained that it was a little too WARM. Our indoor temperature was 66 degrees.

Last night's low temperature was only 29 degrees - our furnace never even came on. Balmy here in Sunizona!

To update two prior reports:

Luna is making a full recovery from her wounds, with one noticeable change: she is much more wary around other animals than she was before - and that is probably a good thing. All the outdoor animals at Paws and Hooves seem to remember her, but she doesn't try to approach them as closely as she has in the past. It's the end of innocence. :(

Thanks to a few days of driving the interstates, my knitting is progressing well. Check this out! No, it's not a narrow afghan, it's my ever-growing scarf.

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