Monday, December 18, 2006

An Arizona Ranch Visit

What a surprise. Here we are in what I think of as the "middle of nowhere", and the aircard has a stronger signal than anywhere else we have used it! The mysteries of technology...

This is "our spot" at Paws and Hooves Ranch, my cousin's home in the southeastern corner of Arizona. The elevation here is around 5,000 feet, and high, cold mountains loom not too far to the east of us. It gets COLD here in winter, no kiddin'! We've experienced our coldest temperatures in our motorhome here, 17 degrees... or was it 14?? And would I know the difference? So we are preparing for cold nights.

It was a beautiful day for travel. I took this photo from the comfort of my shotgun position "arm chair" as we drove east on I-10 near Benson.

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