Sunday, December 10, 2006

Luna's Misadventure

It finally rained! I awoke last night to the sound of a good, soaking rain, a welcome relief to these dry hills. Maybe the humidity level will rise above the single digits today.
The sun has just risen, and dozens of quail are scurrying in front of the early morning walkers.

I am up early to check on Luna. We made a trip to the emergency vet yesterday afternoon after she was attacked by another cat in the morning. It was obvious that she had sustained some bites near her tail and we didn't want to risk an infection, so off we went.
Poor Luna! She is stiff and sore, has to take antibiotics twice a day for a week and, most pathetic of all, has two shaved patches on her rear with several puncture marks in each. After a week of daily morning excursions, she seems content this morning to stay curled in her favorite chair, safe indoors, trying to look dignified.

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