Wednesday, December 20, 2006


All you hikers who know the hike through Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains (one of our favorites in this area), look at this picture of the water hole at the Half Moon Tank. That's ice! Today's hike took us through a sprinkling of snow and a bright splash of sunshine, but when the wind rose at the higher elevations, we hightailed it back to the trailhead and the warm car.

Last night, the night of the snow, our low temperature was 15 degrees. Tonight is forecast to be lower still - this maybe our new record low temperature in Scoopy. We have extra blankets piled on the bed, our catalytic heater on high, and the furnace on standby for indoor temperatures under 62 degrees. If cold weather says "Christmas" to you, this would be shouting in your ear.

Check out this sign, on the gate at Paws and Hooves Ranch. It's no joke! Luna loves to visit here, and we do, too. Look at that big smile on Odel's face (he's hauling a salt lick out to the sheep pen).

Tomorrow we leave the ranch to move to Naco, on the Arizona/Mexico border, to spend Christmas close to Bisbee and take care of the paperwork for our trip to Mexico in January. Ah, Mexico.... ah, 70 degrees!

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