Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Tipping the slideBig excitement when we pulled into the parking lot on our visit to RV Renovators today: the big living room slide hung outward at a crazy angle, men and a forklift working away.  That means the front carpet installation is underway!

This is the reason it takes 55 hours to replace the carpet in Scoopy: the way the carpet is attached to the slide.  In many RV’s, the carpet that covers the slide sticks out 4-5 inches beyond the edge of the slide.  When the slide is out, the bound flap of carpet lays down flat on the floor of the RV. 

In Scoopy, the edge of the slide is wrapped with carpet – the carpet curls around the slide edge and fastens underneath.  The slide has to be removed (or, in this case, secured at an unusual angle) to allow the wrapping and fastening of the carpet UNDER the slide.  It looks great – but the extra time and effort required to remove and replace the carpet is one of the reasons we have not done it sooner.

The guys working on the rig told us we were welcome to go inside to look at the bedroom, where the carpet work was finished.  This is what we saw when we went in…

Ballast Daylight showing around the edge
This guy’s job was to act as ballast, standing on the lip of the slide while it was secured in place.
Look at the strip of sky between the slide and the roof!  Good reason to have the work done in sunny Arizona.
Bedroom Carpet We headed on into the bedroom, where the carpet work was finished and everything was back in place.  It looks SO nice.  It was fun to see a BIG piece of the carpeting… and a relief that it looked just as we had imagined. 

After snooping around and taking photos, we talked with Billy, the cabinet maker, about the changes to be made to the TV cabinet to accommodate the new TV.  Talking with the various workers at RV Renovators is a treat – they seem both competent and personable, and to understand how important the quality of their workmanship is to us. 

In the afternoon, we rode the light rail to a movie theater in downtown Phoenix to see “The King’s Speech”.  What an interesting, inspiring movie!  So glad I am not royalty.  :)

Back at home, we watched the news of freezing weather, high winds, black ice, blizzards.  All of you enduring the storm(s) have our sympathy.  I won’t even tell you what our high temperature was today, only that, instead of taking the light rail home from the movie, we decided to stroll the ten or so blocks as the late afternoon shadows lengthened and the distant mountains lit up with heightened color.  Winter in Phoenix, where the livin’ is easy. 


  1. Wow the carpet looks fabulous... I know how excited you must be updating Scoopy. :-)))
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. looks great so far!..kind of scary though!!..can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. jsut send some of that air eastward......... sooner or later we will catch it. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the completed renovations.


  4. Having confidence in the competence of the folks doing the work is paramount. Looks like you're being well taken care of. :)

  5. Know you'll be excited once all the work is done---you'll have a new home basically.

  6. You have done a great job obviousoly of picking the time, the place and the folks to do such big renovations. Well done! And thanks for sharing it all. Can't wait to see the finished rig. I know you are anxious too!


  7. Ok, it's Feb 3rd, waiting for more pictures and updates! :) Looking great so far, I would have had to go for a walk when they did that to the slide...


  8. How interesting to see your MH slide out like that. It's nice it's in a controlled environment like that. And I agree with the previous posts, it looks like you chose the right renovators.

    Love the new carpet. I can relate as we had new carpet in our bedroom put in last year.

    Good luck with the rest. Love watching this happen through the pics.

  9. I was contemplating replacing the carpet in Bessie but am a bit unsure now that I see what they have to do to the slide. Any problems with the slide after the installation?

  10. On Da Road: We haven't had the chance to run the slides in and out yet... we'll do that many times before we take possession of the MH again. However, our large slide needed some adjusting anyway, so I was glad they had to do some major work to position it for the new carpeting, knowing it would give them a good opportunity to view the mechanisms and adjust as needed.

    If your carpeting doesn't wrap over the edge of the slide, I think the carpet installation requires far less displacement of the slide. Or, perhaps your slide carpet is in good enough shape that it could be left in place? Lots of choices but, for us, once we decided to change the carpeting, we decided to do it ALL.

    Stay tuned... if we run into slide problems, I'm sure I'll post about it on the blog. :)

  11. Your RV looks great! How I wish I can have an RV just like yours. O.o The carpet made the vehicle look cozier. Have fun traveling! :D

  12. Nice! Installing a carpet inside your RV will definitely make your road trips more comfortable. Plus, it also adds beauty to your RV. Great job!

    Kathy Carbone

  13. I can see you have a Class A RV. That’s the most expensive type of RV. You’ll need quite a large carpet to cover all the floor space of your RV. Anyway, the carpet looks nice in your RV. It’s like you’re living in a real home.

    >Rosalinda Rudloff