Monday, February 7, 2011


I’ve already mentioned that Odel and I are at loose ends in this big space (just under 1,500 square feet).  Although we are grateful to have found this loft available when we needed a temporary home, we haven’t seen any advantage to additional space – in fact, just the opposite. 

Thus I got a huge laugh reading this post (click here) on Early Retirement Extreme – I think all fulltimers will be able to relate!  Jacob is a frugal blogger who lives with his wife in an RV - not for travel, but as an affordable alternative to urban housing in the California Bay Area.  His post tickled me, capturing perfectly many of the things I love about living in a small space.

In Jacob’s post, he describes everything he can do from his seat in his motorhome.  I, too, can do many of those things from my comfortable swivel Euro-lounger: open the window, turn on the overhead light, turn on/off the MiFi, work on my computer.  Select a magazine, reach and put on my headphones to listen to something on the computer without bothering Odel.  Turn on the radio with my little remote, or the TV.  I can reach behind me for a drink of water, or a snack (I have to lift my butt of the chair to do that, burning a couple calories).  At mealtimes, I move my computer to the adjacent shelf and use the computer table as my dining table.  Very convenient.

Best of all, though, I have an expansive view of the world outside - out the big window to my right, out the huge windshield up ahead, and out two big windows to the left – and plenty of natural light to enjoy.  If we are in an RV park, I can watch a new neighbor attempting to park in a tight space, or walking their dog.  Out in the open, boondocking in the desert or enjoying a spacious site on public lands or a fairground, it’s the ever-changing view of weather and the passage of the day, birds, wild animals… whatever there is to see, I have a front-row seat.

When we are living out of Scoopy, that is what I miss the most, and I miss it sorely.  Particularly in multiple-family dwellings, window space is at a premium.  Most condos have windows on just one or two walls; here in the loft, the only windows face one direction.  Used to lots of light and expansive views, I feel like I’m living in a cave when I’m surrounded by walls instead of windows. 

When we moved into the loft, several readers left comments that included “enjoy all that space”, and I thought we might.  Not!  However, the experience HAS given us a lot to consider for the day we hang up the keys and move into a non-rolling home… something on the small side!  :)


  1. It's that wide open view that lets us live in such small spaces. I think that's part of why casitas and cottages are becoming popular housing styles. This is my favorite neighborhood even though I've yet to live there.

  2. My plan is to give up the keys and stay in my trailer. This is the best home I have ever lived in or seen.

  3. And with lots of windows, I'd bet! :)

    Couldn't agree with you more...

  4. What an interesting post (and link). We are still waiting for our motor home and still have questions about the small space...but it sounds more and more exciting. I know I'll like the windows.

  5. I have mostly always driven small vehicles & lived in small places. Have always liked the cozy efficient feeling. Everything is accessible & close by. Less to organize, clean & maintain means less stress. Smaller just seems simpler too. I like the fact our Jeep is just a little puddle jumper. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated. At home we live in a mobile. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated. I grew up in a big two story brick house. Too big, too complicated. A person does not need that much room. Yep, I know what your saying.....

  6. Perfect! Well said for all of us who enjoy our 200-400 feet of living space! Hugs, J&C

  7. That is the one thing I do miss in our smaller 26 foot Dynamax baby, the inside views aren't that great, although I do have two windows in the bedroom corner. Light, light, light, gimme light!! The sun came out today in Eureka, thank goodness.

  8. Isn't it amazing how the smaller spaces give us more freedom then the 1,000's of square footage ever did.

  9. very well said!..hopefully you will have 'scoopy' back soon!

  10. I was lying in bed this morning thinking about all the wasted space I paid for in our former home.....JEESH!!! Now if I can just think of a nice storage spot for my new cowboy boots...LOL

  11. Having been full tie in our 5th wheel for three years now, I can relate to what you are saying. We recently spent a week in a very nice motel, and all I could wish for was to be back in my own rig.

    We spent a week in my parent's home, a lovely ranch house on ten acres in upstate New York. I especially enjoyed the kitchen, the large bathroom, the privacy when I wanted to work, and the comfort of sitting with others when I didn't. But I was still happy to be back in my own rig.

    Here in 300 Sq Ft, I have a full desk, two recliners, a bedroom and queen bed, and a kitchen that, while small, produces fine meals.

    The main thing I'd like is more storage. Amazingly, after ten years of staring at it, I found a spot that is totally under-utilized, and I'm going to build a large pantry. Then I'll repurpose the existing pantry for appliance storage, and I'll be able to have my crock pot and kitchen-aid mixer :)

    Another difference is the changing view. A week ago, we were in Austin, Texas. Now, I'm looking out the window at birds, here in Florida. Sometimes, I start to open my door and find that I'm not sure what campground and city are outside. (This could be old-age... :)

    Ed G

  12. The trouble with bigger spaces (houses) is eventually you do fill them up and then you wonder where did all this "stuff" come from!!

  13. So true! You expressed our views of living in an RV perfectly.

  14. I love my Tassie and the size... I have no need for anything bigger and it helps that I share it with my best friend!!! We are living the life and if we're not happy where we are we just move on!!! Hope you get your Scoopy back soon!
    Have fun & travel safe