Saturday, February 12, 2011


As anticipated, all the renovation work on Scoopy was done when we arrived Friday afternoon.  Jerry showed us how the new toys work, and we talked about the various things that had been done.  Then, we paid the bill, which was just what we had been expecting.  Now OUR work began! 

11 am in the living room 4 pm in the living room

Living Room at 11 am; an explosion of activity!

Living Room at 4 pm; note the windshield wrap.

We had three goals on Saturday:

- pick up and install the cleaned, repaired windshield wrap (the curtains that wrap around the cockpit);

- attack and clean all the hard-to-reach dusty corners and under-sink areas (not to mention normal scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming);

- return to their rightful places all the things that had been moved from the drawers and cabinets in the slides, clearing the spaces that will be occupied by those many items we moved into the loft.

11 am in the bedroom 4 pm in the bedroom

Bedroom at 11 am on Saturday

Bedroom at 4 pm on Saturday

Odel got right to work on installing the windshield wrap.  With sun pouring in the windshield (new glass!), the temperature was rising rapidly.  While he sweated away in the sunshine, I got to work with the vacuum and dust cloth.  Every dusty corner was on my hit list, along with the bedroom’s fabric covered valances and padded headboard.  I sucked a tablespoon of accumulated grit out of the laundry hamper; even vacuumed the kitchen cabinets and drawers!

We took at break for lunch at 1 pm, heading to the Ace Hardware to pick up a few things Odel needed to finish his job.  We got lunch to go, then headed back.  Munch, munch, glug, glug - then we were back to the grindstone, Odel to attach new Velcro to the edges of the windshield wrap, me to break out the sponge and hot water.

Under the kitchen sink 4 pm in the kitchen

Under the kitchen sink – like new!!

The kitchen at 4 pm on Saturday

Above, left: my fondest accomplishment of the day.  This little under-sink nook – the storage spot for dishpan, rags, sponges, a fire extinguisher, and miscellaneous cleansers and polishers - was a only a couple weeks from full-blown plague.  The mice we’d attracted in Yellowstone had been remodeling it into a cozy home before they were vanquished.  I found poop, a half-built nest of chewed rags, food scraps… and look at it now.  If I hadn’t spilled the secret, you’d think my housekeeping was to be emulated, huh?  :)

Phoenix trafficWhile Odel took a short trip to Kmart, I scrubbed the tile floor of the kitchen, watched it dry (takes every bit of 60 seconds here in Phoenix’s negative humidity), and laid out my new “Imprint Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat”.  Oh, man – what a treat that is!  Thick, cushy… no more aching feet, knees and back from standing on the hard tile. 

More cleaning, more polishing.  By 3 pm, we were two tired puppies.  We played with the new TV for awhile, hauled trash out – I’d become RELENTLESS in eliminating things we no longer use – and took empty boxes and bags to the Jeep to be refilled with items in the loft.  Then it was time for the glamour shots. 

Scoopy will never look this clutter free again – we’re returning on Sunday with computers, files, note pads, kitchen appliances and a variety of additional indispensible items that sit in easy-to-reach spots when we are in residence.  We’ll spend the night in Scoopy tomorrow, then drive back to the loft on Monday to load our clothes, food, and kitchen equipment. 

Though I enjoyed the once-every-eight-years deep cleaning we did today, I’m glad that tomorrow will involve less effort and more relaxation.  Best of all, we’ll be sleeping in our own bed.  :)


  1. Gotta be a great sense of accomplishment for you folks-all that the two of you did besides all the remodeling done for you. Once you "move back in" you can enjoy the "new" motorhome.

  2. Looks like your mission was accomplished. Congratulations on your "rig reboot". Enjoy!

  3. Everything looks squeeky clean and fabulous. Congratulations!

  4. Lookin good guys, can't wait to see it.

  5. Scoopy looks great, Laurie! I love the color scheme. So subtle and tasteful and beautiful. Nice job!

  6. Wow, It's like getting a brand new "old friend"... looks wonderful.

  7. I would have thought a complete cleaning would have been part of the remodel job!

    I hate to clean. I can keep clutter under control, but scrubbing under the sink is not me.

  8. Looking good ... we did a similar cleaning of every nook and corner when we bought our gently-used Phaeton last year ... went to a campground to do the work. While I can't say that it was a blast, it was rewarding to have a squeaky clean motor home.

  9. How exciting--congratulations on getting the renovations done on time--we know you will be glad to be back in your home.

  10. Syl, Rig Envy - I love it! That's actually what started this renovation craze... we went into the rigs our our friends who have "bought up" to triple and quad slides with all the newest technology and our mouths dropped open. We weren't willing to part with that much money, but knew we could invest a reasonable amount into the rig we already have and love and we'd get at least another 5 years of great enjoyment out of her. We are really, really happy with the results!

  11. Merikay, I am with you on cleaning, which is how the area under the sink got into that mess to begin with! :)

    Actually, the renovators had done a very good job of cleaning up - right up to my usual standards of clean. After 8 years of living in Scoopy, though, including many dust storms in the SW, we had some REAL DIRT, way back in the corners where only the highly motivated would go (that was me, on Saturday).

    When we began the renovations, our goal was this: to be as excited to with Scoopy as we were the first day we saw her. Mission accomplished!

  12. I am glad to hear of your excitement. That is a really important thing. It looks great and you folks did a great job. I know you will enjoy it for years to come.

  13. It looks looks great! I also have a case of rig envy and there is actually a similar one for sale in this area....hmmmm?

  14. WOW is all I can say to you both. I definitely admire your decision to give Scoopy a face lift rather than the boot! Went to the Richmond RV show yesterday and honestly did not see anything I liked as well as our little Winnona so when the time comes and the money is saved we'll be doing a Scoopy-redo too! Thanks for showing me it can be done. You're my role models!


  15. Good job! It's great to see the 'before' and 'after' pics. You'll really enjoy the changes after all your w**k is finished and you can once again sit back and relax in Scoopy.

  16. Beautiful! I know it "feels" great to, with all those nooks and crannies clean. Home...

  17. Laurie and Odel, it looks great. A super way to pull off a renewal with style. May you have many happy years in your renovated home. Looking forward to your new travels when they commence.

  18. Wow, Scoopy's stay at the RV Spa did her great! She is streamlined and all refreshed, ready to roll...Enjoy your newly remodeled digs...!

  19. I agree with Sherry. We have looked at other rv's at shows and nothing compares to what we have.

    Love the new digs. It must feel so good to be back in Scoopy. And I love the new bedspread.

    It looks like the rv renovators did an excellent job. Kudos to finding a great company that you can put your trust in.

    Now you can breathe that sigh of relief.

    Home Sweet Home!

  20. Wow.. it's like a whole new rig! Bet you can't wait to get all moved back in and feeling like home again.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  21. Looks awesome...and Scoopy probably feels soooo good!

  22. Very, very nice. I'm sure you'll be glad to move back in.

  23. Beautiful job! Isn't it fun seeing all your ideas come together? Enjoy your new old home :)

  24. Well, Laurie, after 24 comments, I can't imagine finding something to add, except, GREAT JOB!. It's so much fun to see all that you accomplished!

  25. The renovation looks great. Enjoy!