Friday, February 18, 2011


It’s all over (almost).  The planning.  The research.  Moving out, managing and micro-managing.  Moving back in, checking to make sure everything works.  And, finally, driving away! 

Leaving RV RenovatorsWe couldn’t be happier.  We’re happy we made the decision to renovate, happy we followed through, and happy that we chose RV Renovators to do the work.  We aren’t quite done – we still need to pick up our new day/night shades next week – but RV Renovators has completed their work and have our appreciation for a job very well done.

Every RV owner has a horror story about repairs, warranty work, or renovations (click here to read about our worst experience).  Over the years, we have developed a rather suspicious approach to service facilities… you might say “guilty until proven innocent”!  Thus we approached our recent renovations with some trepidation, knowing we were about to commit a chunk of time, effort, and money to an unknown entity, RV Renovators.

A few minor glitches early on set our trouble sensors trembling, but we had done enough research on the company to feel we were in the right hands.  In the end, RV Renovators did everything they said they would, more quickly than estimated, at a price we believe is fair.  Best of all, we’re very impressed by the quality of their workmanship.  (Click here to see the work in progress on Nick and Terry Russell’s TV cabinets.)

In slightly over two weeks, they replaced our bedroom and living room carpet; replaced our two-pane windshield (they handled all the insurance paperwork); remodeled our front TV cabinetry, installed our new TV, and rewired components; built and installed a shelf/magazine rack behind our sofa, matching our existing medium oak wood work perfectly; replaced slide seals on both slides; resealed the roof; and six or eight other minor maintenance issues.

Old TV New TV

This is the big, old TV, with Bose speakers hanging under the side cabinets.

Speakers gone, TV cabinet shortened, frame re-worked.  We lost about 20 pounds!

As in all endeavors, communication was the key to success.  Once the work began (right on schedule), we visited the lot every other day.  On each visit, we were able to talk with the guys actually doing the work, particularly Jerry (who handled the carpet job and seemed to oversee the entire project), and Billy (RV Renovators’ talented cabinet maker).  When we had questions, they answered patiently.  They spent plenty of time listening to us - our ideas, our concerns, and our explanations – and then did exactly what we envisioned. 

While our rig was on their site, RV Renovators made our lives as easy as possible.  We had 50 amps of electricity, a water spigot we could use to fill our tank, and a full hookup site we used for a night or two before vacating the rig.  Their facility is securely locked, and we had a key that allowed us to get onto the lot at night and on weekends (and it seemed as though there were always a few RV owners in residence).  I understand that WiFi is available, too – though we didn’t use it.

Anytime we have work done on our rig – maintenance, repairs, or renovations – I add a review to, and this was no exception.  Good service, great quality.  We would return.  Thanks, RV Renovators!

Now, we’re ready to move on!


  1. So glad everything worked out. We all know how service shops can be. Sad to say, but true.

    Everything looks wonderful. We'll be putting RV Renovators on our "just in case" list.

    Thanks and have fun in your new and improved Scoopy!

  2. glad you are happy with all the renovations!..nice when it all is done to your satisfaction!!

  3. Good to know about them.

    First e have to get an RV though! :~)

  4. Good to hear that you're pleased with the outcome. I find that most companies are not nearly as service oriented as they should be IMHO, so it's great to find one that does as promised ... and on time too.

  5. Hi Laurie and Odel! We're so glad you're happy with your major renovation!
    Every time we take our rig in for service, no matter where, we have the same feeling:
    what will they screw up now?!
    "Guilty until proven innocent" is a very good description! LOL

    Happy Travels,

  6. Isn't it a relief when things work out as planned? :)

  7. Will remember RV safe as you move on down the road:)

  8. So glad your experience was a good one! It's so refreshing to read about a good RV service company. I'm sure a big part of the success of the project was due to the careful planning you did in advance. The results look great!

  9. Glad to hear everything went according to plan and your're happy with the results. It sure looks great from the photos you've posted of the cabinet work.

  10. I wish we were closer to them... we are getting ready for some renovations too. We will be using a place in Polk City, Florida that several of our friends have used. I hope & pray we have the same luck as you did!
    Have fun & travel safe

  11. Gonna file that one in our RV stuff....Great to know folks who have experienced this stuff and give it a thumbs up! You two are the Renovation test case!

  12. You two are just the best thing that's happened in the blogsphere in terms of information and experience and recommendations. I am SO glad everything turned out so well for you. I too will keep this company in mind when Winnona needs an interior face lift. Hmm that's not quite right is it? Well you know what I mean.

    Good that you could give a reliable company such an unqualified recommendation. Hope they recognize what great advertising they just got!


  13. It's so nice to hear glowing reports and positive experiences, when so many have a difficult time getting the most basic things accomplished on their RVs at many dealers.

    Be sure to give them a positive comment on

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  14. Karen, you must have missed my last paragraph! I ALWAYS review service work on - it is a great resource, and improves each time someone adds a review.

  15. I thought you would be pleased. We plan on stopping there on our way to Jojoba. Thinking about putting drapes in our 5th wheel. Tired of strings breaking on day/night shades! Any thoughts?

  16. Hi, Lynda. The strings on our day/night shades began breaking around year 5. We learned how to restring them, and did just about all of them over the past couple of years - a real pain! I was ready to switch to something else, but ultimately decided to go with day/night shades again.

    We had wood valances, and I really like how the day/night shades look with the wood... simple, tidy, minimalist,with enough texture from the folds to add interest without the bulk of drapes. We looked at MCD shades, which many people recommended, but I couldn't get past how plain they are, how much they reminded me of the plain old shades of my childhood bedroom.

    So, we ordered new day/night shades, this time with blackout lining on the "night" shade - our old shades were "privacy" instead of blackout, and let in too much light at night.

    Good luck with your decision. Everything is a compromise, isn't it?

  17. Glad everything worked out swell!! The best thing is that you shared your good experience. When someplace does people wrong, everyone hears about it. Everyone needs to share the good experiences, so the good/great service companies stay in business!
    Up the river David

  18. So happy that you guys love your renovation! Thanks for spreading the good word, we appreciate it!