Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It was a special occasion for us today: lunch at Vivace, a favorite restaurant in Tucson, with some of our treasured family and friends: (cousin) Rosanna and (aunt) Carol, and (friends) Doug and JoAnn Dubrouillet.  Though we have been in the SW since Christmas, we have not had the chance to get together with any of them yet… and we will be heading west to California soon.

We planned lunch as a bit of a surprise party for Carol (Auntie Carol to me).   We missed her birthday, but we knew she would be up for lunch in Tucson.  Since Carol and Rosanna are friends with Doug and JoAnn – and famous Fillmore, who they have hosted at their home – we planned to surprise Rosanna and Carol with a table for six rather than four.

Well, Fillmore was the giveaway – Rosanna saw his distinguished poodle head sticking out the window of the Dube’s truck when she walked past.   By the time Odel and I arrived, after a spell of sitting in construction traffic, the surprise had already happened and the other four of our group were deep in conversation and laughter (standing in the parking lot) when we arrived.

Doug got the jump on me tonight – he has already written about our lunch over on his blog, Living Our Dream (though he didn’t delve fully into the deliciousness of the food we consumed).  However, I managed to get the elusive good shot of Fillmore!  Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Roz, Carol, Odel, Laurie, Doug, JoAnn Doug and Fillmore Fillmore licks his lips

The happy diners: Rosanna, Carol, Odel, Laurie, Doug, JoAnn

Doug and famous Fillmore

Fillmore licks his lips as we rehashed our meal in the lot.

Fish Stew Spinach and Cheese Souffle Tiramisu oops

Doug and Odel had Seafood Soup.  Looked and smelled fantastic.

We four women had the divine Spinach and Cheese Soufflé.

The Tiramisu was long gone before I remembered the photo!

P.S. (added 2/23): I should have mentioned that all of our plates looked just as empty as the tiramisu plate when we were finished.  Delicious!


  1. lunch looks delicious..and yes, Filamore is famous..we hope that our Tucker will be just as famous when we hit the road!!!

  2. I'm sure the tiramisu looked as good as it tasted :-)

  3. What a fun day!...Fillmore has that star quality of aloofness that only a Poodle can have...Ya just gotta love 'em....Food looks great..Tiramisu apparently was a favorite:))

  4. That photo of the empty plate made me laugh out loud, Laurie. You all look great, especially the very elegant Fillmore.