Tuesday, December 9, 2008


When we were in Fredericksburg, Texas, I discovered smoked turkey parts at the HEB grocery store. They were made by Opa's, a local business that produces all kinds of smoked meats, also available by mail order. I bought a couple of smoked drumsticks to use as a substitute for the much fattier ham hocks frequently used in southern-style cooking. Ummmmm.... good!

Traveling as we do, ordering anything to be delivered is usually a pain - so I was happy to find that other grocery stores carry smoked turkey parts, too. This is THE time of year to find 'em, and when I do, I usually get extras to pop in the freezer.

I've added two new recipes to the "Recommended Recipes" section of the blog (left hand column), both using smoked turkey drumsticks (or substitute cheaper smoked turkey necks if you can find them). Both use the crockpot, my second favorite cooking appliance. What's better than coming home to the succulent aromas of a hot meal? Whip up a batch of Jiffy Mix cornbread muffins and dinner is ready.

Greens, Main or Side Dish cooks for 4-5 hours. Make the greens without meat for a side dish (great with grilled chicken thighs), or add canned white kidney beans and smoked turkey for a full meal.

Lima Beans with Smoked Turkey cook all day. Hearty, easy, nutritious, and yummy.

I picked up "Ultimate Slow Cooker" at the grocery store the other day, a Better Homes and Gardens magazine-style cookbook. One section is named "Feed Six for Ten", featuring recipes large enough for 6 people for under $10. To acknowledge the world-wide financial meltdown, I'm gonna' start there. Better yet, how about "Feed Ten for Six"??!

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