Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Whew, did it rain yesterday! We were scheduled to take Scoopy on a 20 minute drive to RV Stripes, the masterminds of our exterior refurbishing - but the weather intervened. We chose the wise course - procrastinate!

The rain stopped this morning, and glimpses of the mountains through the remaining clouds revealed fresh snow. It was a perfect day for a drive, and we pulled into RV Stripes' parking lot about 10:30.

Odel and Valerie got right to work measuring the length of the stripes so Valerie can get an order placed in time to be filled by the end of the week. We have swooshy stripes in three colors, one of which we plan to match. The other two colors will change slightly. We also have decided to have the old manual awning replaced with an electric awning - my Christmas present. (Odel gets the stripes!) We do not deploy the awning nearly as often as I would like because I can't do it alone - that will all change once we get the electric awning installed.

Heading back to Mission RV Park, facing east towards Palm Springs and the adjacent, snow-covered mountains, we both felt the pull of the open road. Oh, how I wished we could just keep rolling, up through the pass, east to Indio and beyond. Not this time!

On Saturday, we will be moving out of Scoopy, only the second time since we moved in 5 1/2 years ago. Staying in Scoopy and commuting to LLUMC while the work is being done would be incredibly inconvenient, so we managed to snag a rental mobile home at Mission RV Park - by FAR the least expensive and (for us) most convenient accommodations for the 2 weeks or so that we need to be out of our home.

Mission RV Park was a mobile home park at one time, and maybe 1/4 of the park is occupied by older mobile homes, most of them residences. One, though, is available on a monthly basis for proton patients for the amazingly low rate of $500/month (other, admitedly more luxurious, furnished accommodations start at about $1,200/month - and DON'T take pets).

As you can see, it is incredibly basic - but its convenience was the selling point for us. The proton patient who rented it previously moved out a week ago, and the next one will arrive 2/1 - so it worked perfectly for us.

We take Scoopy back to RV Stripes on Monday. The new awning has already arrived, and the material for the stripes will be waiting. If the schedule holds, we'll have our "like-new" motorhome back by January 8th (would have been much sooner but for the holidays). I feel like a six year old awaiting Santa. :)

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  1. Your "new digs" look absolutely spacious! You'll have to let us know what Luna thinks. I'll bet the mountains are absolutely gorgeous with all the snow on them! You'll have to let us know if you like your electric awning or not. We haven't gotten any awnings for the bus yet and would like some input from someone we know. We're going into our last week of trees and I, for one, am ready to head south for hopefully, warmer weather. It snowed on a local hill called Mt Diablo, so you know it's been cold! We've been in the 40's for awhile now, with no end in sight...glad you are finding things to do while tethered to the hospital. Hope you have a Merry Christmas in spite of it!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron