Thursday, December 18, 2008


The blogosphere is a funny place. Remember my posting about Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets? Well, yesterday we got a comment on that post from an anonymous reader, directing us to a blog that covers Fresh & Easy. While I was perusing the site, another comment arrived - from the blogger who writes Fresh & Easy Buzz.

S/he had been directed to OUR report on Fresh & Easy by a reader of THEIR blog - the same reader who posted the comment on our blog, I assume. In a post titled Two Motor Home Nomads, Laurie & Odel, Visit And Review a Southern California Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Store in Yucaipa, the blogger uses our post as the basis for an "interview" describing our lifestyle and our visit to the Fresh & Easy store.

This really tickled my funny bone! There was only one downside: I knew Odel would be crushed when he saw the "stock photo" of a motor home that was used to illustrate the "motor home" lifestyle. So, for those of you who know us only through a blog (ours or Fresh & Easy Buzz), let me set it right. Here is the majestic Scoopy, posed with Jules in tow, ready for our next adventure (or grocery store visit).

I still haven't figured out who writes Fresh & Easy Buzz but, if you want the lowdown on the chain and all sorts of other news relating to the grocery business, take a peek.

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