Tuesday, December 23, 2008


In spite of our continuing colds, we have managed to get done, each day, the most important chores. We moved from Scoopy to the mobile home on Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday we drove Scoopy through another bout of rain for her appointment with RV Stripes. We hope to have her back around 1/6.

The bright spot of the arrangement is that Luna LOVES our new home! She tears through the hallway, tosses her toys all over the place, explores every nook and cranny, then poops out on the sofa, her very favorite place. It is so much fun to watch her - though it makes me feel a little guilty that she has so little room to run in Scoopy.

Today, Tuesday, Odel completed another job he has been working on, the purchase of four new tires for Jules. We have had Michelin tires on both our vehicles but, feeling unusually frugal this year, Odel spent hours researching tires online. He settled on a brand unknown to us, Komho - well reviewed and reasonably priced from an online website.

He then called a few local tire dealers and negotiated a deal on four new tires, mounted and balanced, for just $8 more per tire than the online price. He visited the local dealer, Big O, looked at the tires, got a printed quote, and made an appointment for this morning to purchase and mount the tires.

When he arrived at Big O to conclude the transaction, the manager immediately bumped up the price, pointing out that the quote was "accidently" for a different size of tire. Odel wasn't buying that and, after a brief discussion, said "Fine, give me my keys back."

Seeing money about to head out the door, the manager back-pedaled, especially when Odel reminded him of the conversation they had about the online price. It ended well, with our four new tires at the price Odel had previously negotiated - good job, Odel!

The other thing we accomplished today was a trip to the grocery store - big whoopee, huh? Though Odel seems to have most of his energy back and doesn't sound too bad, a trip to the grocery store is enough for me for one day! I'm feeling better, but sound disgustingly ill - hoarse voice, stuffy nose and, worst of all, deep, congested cough that would make anyone near me back away in fear (or revulsion). What starts as a laugh ends as a coughing fit, kleenex and cough drops required. We haven't yet cancelled our attendance at the Christmas party, but I wouldn't want to sit next to someone who sounds like me, that I know! We'll see...


  1. If it had been me I would have walked away from that tire dealer and his "bait and switch" tactics! If more people did that they would soon learn it doesn't work.

  2. You can try a home remedy for your cough..vicks salve on the soles of your feet at bedtime and put socks on over it. Works with young and old.

  3. In spite of your colds, we hope you both have a bright, Merry Christmas!

    Ellie & Jim

  4. Hi & Merry Christmas! I just read the home remedy for your cough. I'm a little skeptical about it, have you tried to see if it works? Anything is worth trying once. Hope you are back to normal soon.

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron

  5. We gave the "Vicks on the soles of your feet" treatment a try - unfortunately, we didn't see any reduction in our coughing. I'd have to consider this an old wive's tale. :)