Monday, December 8, 2008


I was doing some half-hearted clutter control this morning when I unearthed this birthday card from my friend Becky. She found it irresistible because the person on the right looks so much like me - the "me" we both see in my future (not to mention that the future "me" shares the thoughts of the current "me").

Becky, Pat, and I (as she has labeled us on the card) like to visit Lake Tahoe when I'm in Sacramento (ex-"hometown"), and take a hike together. Really, looking at this card is like peering into my future (and I am happy to see we are still active).

What Becky didn't realize, though, is how much the woman on the left looks like my MOM! It's positively wierd for me to look at this card - like someone took a photo when we weren't looking. I just HAD to post it for my family to see - plus, now I can move ahead with my clutter cleanup without losing this hilarious image.

Thanks, Becky (yes, the same Becky whose great accessory gifts "made" my party outfit)!


  1. I agree with the current you, let's have some wine! By the way, my dear wife Linda spent a few years of her youth in Sacramento in the early 1960's! I was living in Southern California at the same time, but we met and married in Cleveland, Ohio! Go figure!!

  2. The one on the left does not remind me of our mother at all, but I can sure see the one on the right being you in 25-30 years!