Saturday, March 31, 2007


It is pouring down rain this afternoon here in Memphis, as a cold front meets the very warm humid air that comes up from the gulf. I had the perfect chore for the dreary day: our 2006 income tax return, now sitting on the table ready to mail. Whew.

Memphis, TN, is Odel's hometown. We come here to visit his family, and I managed to get them together for a photo. Left to right: Audrey (niece), Odel, Miss Bea (mom), King (dad) and Emma (sister).

King and Miss Bea, ages 90 and 89, continue to live independently in the house where Odel grew up. We picked them up at home, then took the ten mile drive to Barnhill's Buffet, where King and Miss Bea eat daily around 1 or 2 pm - a nice combination of entertainment and labor-saving activity. All the waitresses know them; the manager gives them a couple free meals a month and has invited them to her house for holiday meals!

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