Monday, March 5, 2007


We moved today, but such a short distance that it barely qualifies as a "travel day". Our friends Jeanie Marleen and Ray Martinez (last seen on this blog when they came to visit us in Mazatlan) have a ranch not far from Bisbee with hookups for their RV'ing friends. We always like to visit here, and our fulltiming friends, Jan and Barry, came along this year, too.

I took this photo last year when we wranglers watched the place and the animals (cattle!) while Jeanie and Ray got in a little travel of their own. They built the straw bale ranch house themselves, and it is beautiful. As soon as we arrived, planning to stay two nights, I wanted to stay longer. Quiet, tranquil, great sweeping vistas all around.

Check this guy out! After we arrived at the ranch, we took a walk to the Whitewater Draw to see the Sandhill Cranes that winter there. Two Great Horned Owls are roosting in the barn - more fascinating to me than the cranes.

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