Saturday, March 3, 2007


There aren't many places like Bisbee; it is always a joy to visit here.

This is one of the "art cars" of Bisbee, which mere words cannot describe. We circled it more than once. Every inch is covered with "stuff", paint, slogans... well, art. On one side, an old gas can with a slot suggests you take a photo and leave a donation, which I was glad to do.

The big event in Bisbee tonight was the Annual Art Auction to benefit the Bisbee Arts Commission. After an almost indescribably delicious dinner at Cafe Roka, Jan, Sydney, and I went to the auction to observe Bisbee's artists and collectors in their element: chic, stylish, and with money to spend on art - the opposite of the fulltime RV'er! On our way back to the car, on a freezing cold night, we passed by the beautifully lit Copper Queen Hotel with a row of Harleys posed in front. Thank you, Jan and Sydney, for huddling nearby while I snapped a quick shot.

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