Sunday, April 1, 2007


April Fool's Day - yep, we left Sacramento in Scoopy on April 1, 2003. Today begins our 5th year of fulltiming.

Neither of us can imagine a different, better, life than what we have, and we feel so lucky that our partner feels the same way!

Why We Love Our Travelin' Life

Every once in awhile, I look back over the photo record of our travels. For this anniversary, I picked out 30 that capture the spots that have impressed us as most special. Thirty photos are TOO many to post on the blog, but I had difficult time distilling 4 years of travel into just 30 photos... so I made an online album that you can view if you are interested, and have a high-speed internet connection. Click on the photo to visit the album. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. WOW, I just looked at your 4 year travel album, what a great idea, I now feel inspired to do the same. We just started our 7 years. Odel has a very nice looking family have fun in Memphis- one of our favorite places!!

  2. DOUBLE WOW!!! Joy and I just looked at your FABULOUS pictures -- only took a couple of days to download. tee heeeeeee And the pictures are wonderful!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much, and HAPPY EASTER!!!!! love from us all