Monday, March 19, 2007


Thanks to our wonderful hosts, Jackie and Buddy Bartee, we had a great stay in Lovelady, Texas. Not only did they provide a beautiful campsite, but great food, fun socializing, and a day trip to some of the local sights: the much-greater-than-life sized statue of Sam Houston (67 feet high) in Huntsville, the infamous Huntsville prison where Texas executions took place until recently, the campus of Sam Houston State (practically next door to the prison), and a hike in Huntsville State Park.

We left on Sunday, and Jackie and Buddy were up and getting ready to roll very early in the morning. Here they are... ready to take off on their own springtime trip once we said goodbye. The Bartees' place will definitely be on our route from now on!

It took less than two hours to get to Rainbow's End, the headquarters of the Escapees RV Club, source of many of the good times we have had on the road. We checked in, set up, and took off to Lake Livingston State Park for a hike.

Being Sunday, the park campground was practically deserted. As we passed a motorhome with a "Beware of Birds" sign, we heard a squawk - and turned to see two parrots sitting on outdoor perches!

The couple in the motorhome were friendly fulltimers (14 years) volunteering as campground hosts. They were happy to show off their birds, and soon the parrots were walking up and down our arms, standing on our heads, eyeing us with curiosity. You NEVER know what you will see on a walk!

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  1. Odel -- I am sooooo IMPRESSED!!! Chili wants to know if SHE can perch on your arm next time you are here??????!!!!!!! tee hee (I guess these birds have had much more "socializaiton skills")