Thursday, March 8, 2007


Sometimes life piles up so quickly that a daily blog posting can't keep up. Here is the background story that is now shaping life on the ranch.

Jan and Barry Kessler are fulltiming friends of ours, from the east. Here is Barry as a pirate, blissfully unaware of the twist about to come.

They travel with two dogs, both of them getting up in years - Spike and April. In Yuma, over New Year's, Spike (who is 12 years old), contracted Valley Fever and it laid him low. He has been on a heavy daily dosage of antibiotics since then, and making slow, almost unnoticeable, progress.

The Kesslers came with us to Rancho Mi Sueno, Jeanie and Ray's ranch in Cochise County, AZ, planning to stay a couple days. On their first night here, Spike had a health crisis. He is now at the vet in Sierra Vista, much improved and coming home today.

Jan and Barry's next commitment is not until mid-May, and they have decided they feel most comfortable staying near the Sierra Vista vet for awhile. Ray and Jeanie are always itching to hitch up their 5th wheel and take off. So...

Barry Kessler, Pirate, is about to become a wrangler (see examples to the left).

Odel and I leave on Monday, Jeanie and Ray leave shortly thereafter, and Barry and Jan will become Ranch Managers for a few weeks. Everyone is happy.

Yesterday began the campaign to turn Barry into a wrangler. Here is Day One.

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