Saturday, June 9, 2007


Too bad I didn't take a photo yesterday, when the weather was sunny, blue, and 70-something degrees. Still, though today is cloudy, you can see that this is a beautiful spot. That's Scoopy in the center of this photo, flying our peace flags. (Double click the photo for a larger view).

Seven Feathers RV Resort is one of the few parks we have visited that deserves the term "resort", though many a miserable dive feels free to tack it onto their name. As we headed this way yesterday, we made a list of the amenities we feel are the minimum allowable for a "resort" - Seven Feathers has everything on our list and more.

This morning, our 10,000 steps took us down the hill through the RV park, under I-5, to the Seven Feathers Casino. The RV resort gives a 10% discount if you have a Player's Club card, so we went off to get one.

The Player's Club card comes with all the usual coupons and inducements to entice you to gamble. They sucked us in, and soon we were sitting in front of a video poker machine feeding in a Player's Club credit of $5 and one lone dollar bill of our own (last of the big-timer spenders).

Fifteen minutes later we were out the door with $75 of THEIR money, on our way back to the RV resort to pay for another night. We paid for night three AND got a credit back for 10% or the first two nights stays... at this rate, we might just move in.

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  1. WoW!!!! Way to go!!!!!! tee heee
    (Sure is WONDERFUL to have "The Blog" back!!!!