Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Today, our last day in Hood River, Oregon, we hit a sweltering high of 82 degrees. Well, sweltering for Scoopy, because we are parked broadside in full sun, with at 30 amp hookup with such low voltage that we can't run an airconditioner!

Well, no matter because 1) we are heading west, closer to the ocean tomorrow and 2) we were up in the mountains hiking for most of the day, where the weather was perfectly beautiful.

It is so difficult to decide which photos to post on the blog. Which photos can best convey the brilliant sunshine on Mt. Hood, and the way the mountain so completely dominates the view? The delicacy of the wild rhododendron blooming along the roadsides, and decorating the picnic areas on the lakeshore? The way the light danced on the lake and dappled the trail woods? It was just one of those lovely days that can't be described, in photos or words.

On one side of the lake is a campground and a picnic area - lots of fishermen, families in canoes and rowboats, and folks relaxing in camp chairs on little patches of rocky shore. Both Odel and I thought it would not have been a bad idea to bring our swimming suits.

Instead, we hiked around the lake, mostly through a tunnel of trees. Odel climbed down into a little bog for me so we could show the size of these GIANT leaves; they looked like lunch for a brontasaurus.

Another botanical surprise was the rhododendrons blooming in the wilds. I have seen them painstakingly cultivated in gardens in less adapted climates; here they bloomed in long, thick hdeges on the side of the road.

So, that was the last day of our week-long stay in Hood River.

This morning, I was bemoaning the fact that we have to leave tomorrow. This afternoon, when we had to unplug from our low-voltage electric hookup and run our own generator to create enough power to run our air conditioner, I was ready to go - and to return next fall or spring to visit the many places still to see in the gorgeous Gorge.


  1. The family has a question: with all of that lush vegetation, did you have many insects on your hikes -- in other words Mosquitos??

  2. Hi Friends,

    All I can say is "Lucky Bastards." :) :) I finally had a couple of minutes to get caught up on the computer and decided to add excitement to my life by looking at your blog. You have been to some beautiful places. It seems inadequate to say we wish we were there. We are doggedly working on our lucky bastard status in heat that is just too awful to talk about. Let's just say it is not any where close to the 80's. We have cleaned out the shop and lean-to getting ready to empty the construction material from the house and veranda. We "found" yard art we had collected in anticipation of the day when we would have time to actually display the stuff. We actually put it up so we would not have to put it back in the barn. We have hauled off the old equipment not working and think we have a buyer for the "old" 1949 ford tractor. You know the "old days" when men were men and women respected them. In our spare time Ray is irrigating and actually has some pasture; it has been a real struggle this year but not just for us, all the fields around here look like they are struggling. The yard has enough grass that the horses are back to mowing, with prudence. And in my spare time I finished Rosanna's quilt. I loved doing it and especially loved hearing her say "Is that MY quilt" not knowing we were hiding in Carolyn's room, anticipating Rosanna's arrival and discovery. It was so much fun!! We had actually been there to make pizza and drink wine with Bob and Carolyn in celebration of Father's day. Since I had completed the quilt I took it so we could re hide it, but could not think of one reason to not give Rosanna her birthday present early. After all we do celebrate birthdays for the entire year not just on the given day. So more planning by Carolyn and me and presto a beautiful quilt arrives to be enjoyed and loved. We have thought a lot about you, talk of you often and know you are having fun. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences and pictures through your blog. We love living through your experiences!!!!
    Jeanie & Ray

  3. Hi Laurie and Odel, didn't realize you were fairly close to us just a week ago. We are working for PGE at a day use park about 30 miles southeast of Portland. There are two other Boomer couples at another day use park in Sandy. Would have liked to get together with you if only for lunch or dinner, oh well, maybe next time. Have a great summer!!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron Mead