Sunday, June 17, 2007


Many readers of this blog know my cousin Rosanna, or know of her through our visits to Paws and Hooves Ranch, her place in Cochise County, Arizona. I HAD to post this photo of her newly completed quilt!

Here is her description of how it came to be completed:

"...Jeanie (with Mom's help) sneaked it, my sewing machine and all materials out of the house about 6 weeks ago, and Jeanie finished quilting it. It is GORGEOUS!!!!!! She and Ray came over Wednesday and put it on my bed, and surprised me when I got home from work. WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!! I'll send you a picture."

Rosanna, it looks great.


  1. WoW!!!! What a surprise to see my quilt "on the Blog"!!!!! I can't wait until Jeanie sees it!!!!

  2. Jeannie, what a great idea and nice thing to do!!! It looks gorgeous, and I love the pillow shams you made too!