Saturday, June 23, 2007


Eugene's downtown Saturday Market is one of the best we have encountered. Two blocks of a couple downtown streets are closed to traffic; an entire block and the sidewalks of a couple neighboring blocks are completely covered with little vendor booths. Every sort of craft is here: quilts, bags, jewelry, pottery, photographs, paintings, princess tiaras, t-shirts, hats, cards, and lots and lots of tie-dye.

Odel and I split up when we arrive. He goes straight to the restaurant booths for a bite to eat; I head for the crafts booths and peruse them from one end to the other.

When we both are satisfied, we head to the one block that is the actual farmer's market and browse until we are ready to make our decisions and do some buying.

Today's purchases: the huge bouquet of flowers I am holding; 3 small, intensely fragrant heirloom tomatoes; fresh green onions, a 2-person sized sweet potato pie, and a pint each of fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and Sylvan blackberries - sweeter and much less seedy than other blackberries I have had. What a rewarding shopping experience.


  1. Dear, Dear Laurie -- you truly are a "native Arizonian" at heart!! tee hee Note YOU in a jacket and the surrounding shoppers in tank tops. We DO notice the strangest things don't we!!! tee hee

  2. What a great treat, a picture of Laurie. Nice flowers....

  3. Seeing you with the flowers made me wonder about the collapsable paper vase I sent to Arizona for you last Christmas. Was that useful/usable at all? Saw it at art museum in SF during the summer and of course thought of you. Love, N.

  4. What a fabulous farmers market, makes the one we have here in Estacada look positively sick! Hey, we "southerners" wear jackets, the native Oregonians wear shorts and tanks no matter what the weather!!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron