Friday, June 15, 2007


After a warm, sunny, breezy day yesterday, today's weather fit my "Oregon weather" stereotype exactly: cool, misty, cloudy. No sign of Mt. Hood or Mt. Adams today!

Well, we're not wimps. Off we went with raincoats and hats to hike the Columbia River Scenic Highway Trail to the west - the wetter west. This photo shows the old rock railing, covered with moss, alongside the river. Low clouds, a mist that came and went... it turned out to be a wonderful day for a walk.

After our hike, we went to the Bonneville Dam. I remembered coming here as a kid, and the huge, primordial looking sturgeon are just as wierd and scary now as they were then. Look at this guy!

We bought fish food for a quarter and watched the trout feeding frenzy, looked at all the hatchery ponds... and, as an adult (and avid gardener), I was able to appreciate the gardens and landscaping, too.

Then we were off to Multnomah Falls, to join the throng walking up the trail to the graceful stone bridge over the pool at the base of the first fall. Thank goodness we were there on a weekday; the weekend must be a complete traffic jam, both auto and human. Lovely as it was, we didn't stay long - there are so many other great spots throughout the Gorge with a fraction of the traffic.

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  1. We were definitely with you "in thought" today -- as we were eating the most delicious "Salmon Salad." yummmmmmm