Tuesday, August 17, 2010


View of Duluth Harbor from Enger Park Every so often, a topic will come up in the “RV’ing Blogger” community that really gets legs!  Not too long ago, Al (The Bayfield Bunch) kicked it off when he posted his long list of what he likes/dislikes in other blogs, with suggestions posted on what to blog, what not to blog, how to blog, why to blog… BOOM, it took off!

Most of us who read and commented on the “conversation” seemed to have one thing in common: we didn’t take kindly to anyone telling us what we should or should not do with our own blogs!  Our little tempest went on for a few days (and we all learned something about others’ likes and dislikes), then quieted down as we all went back to talking about the weather.  :)

Reading through the comments left on Al’s post, it seemed that we readers who also blog fell into two camps: bloggers who would blog whether anyone read or not, and bloggers who blog because other people read their posts.   I’m in the first group.

My blog is a diary, written for me and my family, one I would continue whether or not anyone else was interested.  I enjoy writing, and blogging helps me remember, with detail and photos, things I would otherwise forget.  I LOVE browsing through old blog posts, looking back to see where we were at the same time a year or two or three ago. 

August 2009 – An early morning surprise in Tillamook, Oregon

August 2008 – Hiking, geocaching, and sightseeing the upper elevations of Colorado

August 2007 – An epicurean walking tour of Portland, Oregon

I never imagined the number of readers who would be interested in following our travels.  Though I would continue to blog whether or not it was of interest to others, the comments you readers post add another dimension of enjoyment for Odel and me (and probably for our other readers).  We’ve received great suggestions on places to visit – particularly restaurants – and things to do, sights to see, campground recommendations.  We were moved by your expressions of sympathy when Luna died.  In return, readers have thanked us for suggesting activities and sights they would not have visited otherwise. 

We’ve met readers of our blog in person, sometimes by accident, other times by invitation.  Here in Duluth, we had a delicious lunch with blog readers John and Toni, from our home state of California, after John wrote to let us know they were in the area.  Thanks, you two – we really enjoyed our conversation and the lunch treat.  :)

At our next stop, we’ll be hooking up with our friends Jeff and Margaret.  We first met in Arizona when Margaret walked by and said “Aren’t you Laurie and Odel?”  That started a long conversation that developed into a new friendship, and we’ve subsequently met up with them whenever the opportunity came along.

So, though I blog for the joy of creative expression and as a memory aid (more and more important as the years and experiences roll on), my thanks to you followers and readers who share your thoughts and suggestions with us through your comments.  Your interest and interaction is very satisfying, and appreciated.  We’re glad to have you travel along with us.  :)


  1. Always look for your blog to start our day,enjoy your writing style and adventures both scenic and restaurants.
    Hope to catch up with you again this winter

    Phil & Rose Hale

  2. sftbalmm09@yahoo.comAugust 17, 2010 at 7:31 AM

    Laurie, please don't ever change the way you blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, as does my husband. I've made notes on places to stay & to visit based on your accounts. My husband Don & I hope to become fulltimers in 2013 & want to visit many of them. Safe travels to you & Odel. -Gayle Pietz

  3. Great blog. I feel pretty much the way you do, it is a blessing to hear from readers, but I would write if no one read my blog. I find it a great refference when traveling through the same areas again. Stay safe.

  4. We're glad you let us travel along with you. I've picked up lots of great tips from your blogs and plan to go right on doing so. Thanks.

  5. Well, I'd like to thank you for your diary/blog. I follow you as Ron Stacy, my pic is the one with the strange little lichen growth. I started reading these RV blogs about a year ago when my wife Jacki and I started thinking about eventually ditching the S&B and getting into the RV life style. I appreciate the time you all take to share your adventures as it adds fuel to our fire to get going on this lifestyle journey.

  6. We really enjoy following your blog and we too would blog whether it was read or not. But, it is really nice that we have so many followers and look forward to their comments.

  7. I follow your blog to have fun and to learn something about the places you've gone, especially if it is a new area to us. Your blog is like comfort food! Good for the soul.

  8. I hope you don't quit blogging for a long long time. I have four blogs which I consistently recommend to people and you rank as # 1 because I guess my tastes are very similar to yours. I appreciate NPR, Trader Joes (which I don't have available now) and all the good information from We called It Home. Hope to meet you somewhere down the road.

  9. We use your blog to check out campgrounds and enjoy reading about your travels especially your eating spots! I began keeping a journal 16 years ago when I met the love of my life, Michael and now I blog--I would also still blog even if no one read it. Don't you often wonder where in the world all those readers of the blog come from?? I know it isn't just family and close friends! Safe travels.

  10. I agree whole-heartedly! My little blog only has 6 followers (whom I appreciate SO much!) and although I don't blog as consistently as I had intended, I do enjoy it. I am also all over the place with my subject matter, but I write what I am thinking at the time.

    Love your blog, love your writing style, love seeing pictures of you and your "Pretty Man" (see I DO pay attention!!), and truly appreciate the time you spend reviewing and describing your adventures, "Semi-True" though they may be! lol

    Until I get to hit the road, the invitation for a Harvey's Milkshake at The Palace in Tuscumbia, AL stands... It is on the list of 100 Foods to Eat in AL, and I know you have checked off a few of those... We would love to meet you both. :-)

    Kerri in AL :-)

  11. Your blog is entertaining and informational, too. And your writing style is very enjoyable. The photos are clear and crisp and speak a thousand words. We plan to start fulltiming next Spring or Summer. And your blog fuels the wanderlust in me. Keep it up, Laurie, please!

  12. We enjoy your blog, it is so interesting and nicely laid out. Thank you for taking the time to post about your campgrounds, too. That will come in handy for our travels.

    You and Odel look like you're so happy together. You are the "Eternal Teenagers", it's so nice to see young lovebirds. :c)

  13. Keep writing the way you do, it's one of the most interesting blogs online.

  14. Laurie,

    A long day at work makes your blog the chill pill of the day. Keeps me from snarling at the wife and dog. I can easily escape to every place your describe and almost taste the food! Keep it Up!

  15. Great blog, Laurie. I think you've expressed my feelings about blogging far better than I've been able to. Well done!

    I think Al did us all a great service too just by bringing this topic up and giving everyone a chance to hash this out a bit. Al took a bit of flack for it, but poor Al's used to that!!

  16. Always look forward to your blog for sure & thanks for the 'shout out.' We are all quite a cast of characters aren't we:))

  17. We look for your blog every day. Next summer we plan to travel the U.P. on the way to Traverse City. Duluth will be one of our stops - would never have stopped in Duluth had it not been for your blog. Great job.
    Roger and Dianne

  18. I thinks blogs give us a window into other's lives. Personally, I enjoy your view! :)

  19. I totally agree with you about blogging regardless of readership. Our blog is a diary/journal so we can remember as well as for our grand children (and great grand children) to give them something to remember us by (I sure wish I could have a blog written by my parents and/or grand parents).

    I enjoy your blog and your writing style - keep up the good work. Oh, by the way, notice any similarities between your blog layout and ours? That wasn't by accident, you know!

  20. I'm with you..I've always enjoyed journaling and was a journalism major in college (but I never finished)...I can write things better than I can say them, so that's why I think I enjoy it more...You can back up and delete things written...once my big mouth opens and it's out, I've already embarrassed myself!!

  21. Wow, 21 comments! That topic did indeed grow legs, more like centipede legs as it branched out to so many other blogs.

    I know I'm late to the party here, but your blog is one of my very favorites and one of the few I consistently come back to. Love your style, love your info and really really appreciate your campground reviews (often little hidden gems). I visit places I would never have known about were it not for your blog.

    Of course, it also helps that we know you and count you as one of our favorite couples. I can't remember what came first--the chicken or the egg--meeting you because we love your blog--or loving your blog after we met you. No matter. Just keep doing exactly what you're doing.