Monday, August 23, 2010


Our view from site 3 (can't see the Lift Bridge!) We’re back!  Although the full hookup sites at the Lakehead Boat Basin (click here to read our review and see photos) don’t have quite as wonderful a view as the sites without a sewer hookup, we went for FHU this time.  The weather is forecast to be cool, and I’m in the mood to do some indoor cooking, so wanted unlimited hot water.

We moved from Minneapolis back to Duluth yesterday, and this morning began with my early dentist appointment (8:45 am) to repair my broken tooth.  We walked along the lakeshore, up the stairway to downtown Duluth, and arrived early.  If you were to fantasize about a perfect dentist visit (excluding wild notions like hot fudge sundaes and full body massages, or the dentist paying YOU for the pleasure of the experience), this would be it. 

Know Your ShipsThe appointment began right on time.  Incredibly friendly staff and dentist.  Quick, painless work – and the office manager contacted my insurance company (which had told me I would have to pay, then file the claim) and took care of the paperwork, so I only paid my part of the surprisingly low bill.  We were back out on the street by 9:30!  Thank you very, very much, Eileen Patterson, DDS!

Walking back home, we stopped in the gift shop of the Corps of Engineers Visitor Center and Museum, where I bought a book I should have purchased way back in Sault Ste. Marie, when we first encountered the giant Great Lakes freighters and Salties (“lakers” primarily ply the waters of the Great Lakes; “salties” visit the Great Lakes but are primarily ocean-going vessels) – Know Your Ships 2010.  I just can’t get enough of these big ships!  Now, each time one passes, I can look it up in my book and report to Odel its age, length, width, depth and type of engine.  Lucky guy, huh?  :)

Speaking of my lucky guy, he got some cool stuff today, too, to optimize his water supply system.  We were still using our original water hose (8 years old!), but it grew shorter and shorter as Odel trimmed it off a little at a time when the end would start bulging.  Today he not only got a brand new hose, but a new pressure regulator and a couple of quick disconnects.  He spent the afternoon happily building his new water supply system. 

While we were at the RV supply store to pick up the pressure regulator, he started ribbing me about my idea that, when we eventually have a home base, we should downsize our rig.  He pointed out to the parking lot and said, “How about that one?”  Ha, ha, very funny, honey!

Squeezing in, barely!

Getting comfortable??

Tiny Rig Tiny Bed


  1. I can't believe how small that is. Cute, but only a bed I would guess...

  2. Yea, right! Jerry is about as tall as Odel and he would look just as funny in that as he does.

    No way! That has to be used only for short overnight camping...for the kids!

  3. Ha Ha, that little A-frame looks like just the thing....for a doghouse! I don't think Odel's going to go for it though. :)

  4. We'll definately keep Dr. Patterson's name handy just in case! Glad you had a good experience!
    As for the new downsized rig...better keep looking unless you like living like sardines! K

  5. Better than sleeping on the ground, I guess! Love your book. I'm sure Odel will be grateful for all the info you're going to be feeding him on the Salties.

  6. Looks like you'll get a lot of interesting info from that book. Odel is one lucky man!

    As far as the downsizing goes, Maybe when one of you gets tired/annoyed of the other you could tow that little A-frame camper around to threaten banishment. Too funny!

  7. Heck, I've carried purses bigger than that li'l a-frame... Laurie, with your new book, jot down the date and time of sighting next to the entry of each vessel. Used to do that many years ago with the Western Guide to Birds, and it brought back memories when I thumbed through the old book. Wish I had it now... Gone many moves ago...