Friday, August 13, 2010



Seems like just about everyone, everywhere, is in the sweaty grip of the dog days of summer.  Doesn’t this look tantalizingly refreshing??

My sister, Sydney Brown, is an artist living in Bisbee, Arizona.  I removed the link to her website recently when she was making a change.  Here is the new link:

Sydney Brown Fine Art

Sydney’s husband, Frank, is a talented photographer.  I love  his photo of a storm cloud over the White Water Draw in Cochise County.  To view other fabulous photographs, click on this link:

Frank Baker Photography

Storm cloud at White Water Draw


  1. OMG...what talent!! Thanks for the links. I will certainly enjoy taking a look at their wonderful work.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Wow, that watermelon sure looks yummy!

  3. AHA! artsy family, I see!! What talented people! I believe it does run in families...My brother is a gifted artist...I was probably in line for the wine when the line for artistic talent was formed..and I missed it...

  4. What beautiful photos. I would gladly share some of this Wyoming cool weather with you if I could. It was 50* here in Sheriday when we got up this morning. It is 64* at 1:45. I had to wear a jacket this morning. Stay safe, Pidge