Thursday, December 31, 2009


Decorated skull at Whitewater DrawI had every intention of viewing New Year’s Eve through the eyes of Bisbee’s inhabitants and visitors.  Really, I did.  Visualized myself dressed up in my warm coat, watching the stilt walkers, fire-dancers, the parades…

It’s now 9:30 pm.  Odel and Luna are in bed, asleep.  I am sitting in front of the new heater, warm and toasty.  If it isn’t yet freezing outside, it soon will be.  If all I had to do to see the festivities was open the curtains on the big front windshield as the parade marched through the RV park, I’d still have a hard time talking myself into leaving this warm and cozy chair. 

Well, who knows?  Maybe my “second wind” is right around the corner!  :)

Wherever you are, I hope you are doing JUST what you want to be doing, whether it is mingling with the adventuring crowds, taking in a breath of fresh night air alone or with your significant other, or sitting in your own warm and cozy chair, watching the ball drop on TV or quietly contemplating.  Welcome to the new year! 

The Whitewater Draw in late afternoon light.


  1. Happy New Year Laurie and Odel - happy travels in 2010!

  2. Odel and Laurie,

    Wish you Cozy and wonderful year
    and as you said - I wish you would be doing JUST what you want to do all year round!

    - Patti & Motty

  3. OK, did you get your second wind and go see the parade? It was quiet here in Deming. Happy new year, Friends. Bobbie

  4. I didn't exactly get a second wind, but I DID step outside at midnight, walking over to the edge of the RV park looking down on Bisbee. I heard the music and roar of the crowd, saw the smoke from fireworks, and the ascension of a big balloon contraption. I looked up directly overhead to gaze at the rare Blue Moon, illuminating the quiet circle of RV's.

    When I got back inside, there was Odel, out of bed after he heard the front door close (I tried to be quiet), a little anxious about my whereabouts - a warm hug awaited. Not a bad way to welcome the new year at all. :)

  5. I celebrated New Year's at midnight - eastern time in New York City! I watched it on TV and went to bed - tired from all the excitement up staying up so late!

  6. Happy New Year you two! Bisbee is our next stop, but I suspect you'll be gone by the time we get there (on the 9th). Hope to run into you in the New Year sometime. We'll be doing the West Coast in the spring on our way to Alaska, then repeating the West Coast again in October on our way south for the winter. Hope our paths cross again.
    -- jc&bev