Thursday, December 3, 2009


Odel on the deserted beach at Heceta Head, OR

Last October, much to our surprise, the Road Trip Journal entered our blog about our hike at Heceta Head, Oregon, in their monthly blog competition.  With the help of you blog readers, we won that month’s competition, and a $100 gas card.  It felt GREAT!  (And we were able to fill Jules’ tank twice.)

December’s “Best of the Best” competition includes all the winners of 2009’s monthly competitions, including us.  This time, the prize for the winner is a $500 gas card, and a $200 gas card for a winning voter.  And bragging rights for all of next year, of course.  :)

Mushrooms along the Heceta Head Trail. Our friend Jo Wishnie is also in the competition. She’s already lobbying her blog readers and Facebook friends for votes, so I thought I’d better get my own publicity juggernaut rolling. 

Here is the link to view the “Best of the Best” and place your vote: Readers Choice Award.  Our entry is the October winner, Heceta Head Lighthouse & Hike, Oregon.  From that page, click on the “Enter Survey Here” graphic to place your vote (for us, we hope). 

One unusual aspect of the Road Trip Journal’s competition: they use the original blog’s text, displayed on a plain white background with a few of the original post’s photos.  I was sorry to see that my favorite photos from the original post weren’t selected by the editor to be included… so I reprinted them here for you readers.  The variety of mushrooms along the trail was amazing.

Thanks for reading and, if you think our post warrants it, thanks for your vote.  Oh, the anticipation!


  1. I am headed right over there to vote for you... Hoping you win!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  2. Good luck Laurie. If it's not me, I sure hope it's you.

  3. Okay I voted for you. I very much enjoy your blog and miss it when you take time off. I am a wanna be full-timer and hope to start the adventure soon. Tell Luna and Odell hi - cats always get first billing.

  4. The Road Trip Journal showed up on our email a couple of days ago. My wife thinks that she signed up to receive it. At any rate, when I read it I recognized your blog. Already voted for you. Good luck!


  5. You got my your blog and photos. Bobbie

  6. Just voted for you, Laurie. Best wishes for a well deserved win and have a great winter! C&J

  7. No contest. Not only this entry, but your fulltime Blog is my favorite in 10 years of reading. And remember, I have Dorothy - Luna's "twin" sister.

  8. Thanks so much to all of you who have voted for us, and for your wonderful comments. Even if I don't win the competition, both Odel and I are walking around with big grins from the complements. :) Thanks!