Sunday, December 6, 2009


Whew!  I’m taking the day off today.  :)  

Alice, Vicky and Odel enjoy the December Birthday PartyJojoba Hills SKP Resort is a lively park this time of year.   We arrived on Tuesday, and had dinner with our friends Carole (oh, can she cook!) and Dick at their place.  On Wednesday, Carole hosted a happy hour for us – lots of appetizers, vino flowing freely, and many laughs with old friends and new. 

On Thursday, we went to a small wine tasting hosted by Bruce and Jeri – lots of appetizers, vino flowing freely (of course), and many laughs.  Are you beginning to see a trend here?

No planned social activities on Friday night, but our neighbors – friends Joe and Carla – arrived back on their lot next to us, so we had a small happy hour gathering with them.  This time, I took a cup of tea, and sat far from the appetizers!  Last night (Saturday), the “December Birthday” Boomers had a party… lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of laughs – and bowling!

This was the first time I had seen any Wii activities, and Wii bowling was just about the right activity level for this age group.  :)  Here is my favorite video of the evening: Terry’s special Wii wiggle.  Turn up the volume and you’ll get a feel for the atmosphere… warm, welcoming, fun.

When we haven’t been partying, we’ve been computing.  With his new computer, Odel has been pushing the envelope of his computer skills on a daily basis.  He is now on Facebook (!), and as confused about it as I usually am.  More of the online tasks of our Boomer volunteer job are now on his to-do list (making me very happy) – another sometimes frustrating learning curve that he handles with his usual patience and humor. 

Christmas Tree in the Jojoba Hills ranch house. Today was a quiet day for us (by design).  We listened to a favorite radio show - the always hilarious Wait, Wait – Don’t Tell Me (Saturday’s show is rebroadcast on Sunday) on NPR - while Odel cut my hair.  We took a walk through the park, examining and commenting on our favorite sites. 

The weather got progressively colder and cloudier, so I’ve been parked in my computer chair since we got home, trying to remember how to edit and upload videos.  Odel engaged in technology multi-tasking: switching between football games and golf on TV while he checked email and Facebook on the computer.  And washed the laundry in between!  You go, Odel!  

Now the clouds are low and dark, with a biting breeze that discourages outdoor activity.  Rain is in the forecast, and I am happy to be inside with plenty of propane in the tank.  I hope this finds you warm and cozy.


  1. Looks like you guys are having a ton of fun with friends and happy hours... We love the WII bowling... It is always good for fun and laughs. After all you did I can see why you needed a laid back day. Have fun & Travel Safe!

  2. When Odel gets all that Facebook confusion figured out, organized, & put in it's proper place maybe he could reach back & lead the rest of us foggy Facers back out into the light again:))

  3. Would Odel have a single brother by any chance?