Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Wild weather in Arizona yesterday.  A mighty wind caused a dust storm on I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson, and three travelers died in a resulting pileup that closed the freeway for much of the evening.  Cochise County had a “strong wind advisory”, and the weather forecasters mentioned snow as a possibility in Bisbee. 

Sydney, Carol, Odel, Laurie, Rosanna, Laura While this was going on, the Cochise County contingent of our family gathered at Sydney’s and Frank’s house for an early Christmas celebration.  My cousin Rosanna (Paws and Hooves Ranch)  is leaving on Christmas Eve to fly to Cincinnati to visit her daughter and SIL (Joy and Greg), and we happily accommodated our schedule to hers. 

Since it is an hour long drive from the ranch to Bisbee, we gathered early so everyone could be back home by dark.  Sydney and Frank had a Christmas tree decorated in the living room, garlands here and there, the table beautifully set.  Soon the wine corks were popping, the cooks were jockeying for position in the kitchen, and the non-cooks (and cats) were wandering through looking for handouts.  As always, the food was outstanding, and we came away with a new recipe, described by Sydney as “Brussels sprouts for people who don’t like Brussels sprouts”. 

Queen Mine RV Park in snow.The wind was whipping dust into the air when we headed home in the waning daylight.  Queen Mine RV park, and especially our site backed up to the mountain side, was well protected from the strong winds and we slept soundly.  When we awoke to what I thought was light rain, we saw a different world… white Christmas!

Luna loudly declared her intention to go outside, and jumped out onto the step when Odel opened the door.  Whoops!   After a heavy application of fleece accessories, it was my turn – I wanted a photo of this unusual-for-us situation.  I know what the words “wind chill” mean, but had forgotten the reality of their physical expression.  It was COLD, COLD, COLD out there.

Clearing skies. I snapped three quick photos, then hopped back inside, where we have the electric heater going in the bedroom and the new Kozy World propane heater blazing in front.  Whew!

The sun should be out soon, the snow will be gone, and those welcome solar rays will warm the still-chilly corners of our little home.  It is something I can happily savor – when it happens once a year.  :)


  1. Wow, Snow in Bisbee, how cool is that? Glad you got that new heater! Merry Christmas!
    Rod and Loyce

  2. Snow down here in the Sulphur Springs Valley as well. Quite a surprise.

  3. Merry Christmas Laurie & Odel... Glad you had such a wonderful visit with your family... Your pictures and the snow were beautiful... I might get to see a little of that before the weeks end here in Van Buren, Arkansas... Have a wonderful & Safe Holiday!

    Travel Safe

  4. What a great place and it sounds like you are having a great time. My mother was born in Bisbee in 1921. She told me they looked forward to the snow there. As kids during the depression, they'd gather pailfuls of clean snow from the hillsides and take it home. Her mother would put it into bowls and pour evaporated milk, honey or sugar and vanilla on top. She said it was the best "ice cream" she'd ever eaten!!! Love your blog! Denise Delgado, Sacto. semi-fulltimer, wishing for more.