Saturday, November 1, 2008


Besides the new stripes and detailing that Odel is planning for Scoopy, he had another project in mind: replacing the brittle, hail-damaged, vinyl slide topper awnings that are seven years old. Yesterday was the day.

Slide topper awnings extend over the top of each slide as the slide goes out, and roll back up again as the slide comes in. They aren't a requirement, but do a good job of keeping dirt, ice, pine needles, leaves, water and other kinds of gunk off the top of the slides (and our ceiling). They are totally exposed to the elements: hot sun, freezing rain, wind and, worst of all, HAIL.

This photo shows the sad, sad condition of our slide topper awnings, beaten to a pulp by a couple of awe-inspiring hail storms in Westcliffe, Colorado, during the summer.

When we arrived at Mission RV Park last week, we scooped up all the business cards from RV repair businesses that were available in the park's office. Odel got busy on the phone. On Tuesday, a repairman came out to measure the awnings and yesterday he was back with the made-to-order replacements.

Odel did an excellent job of supervising, as you can see. Soon the old awnings were off, the new awnings on, and we had been relieved of $450.50 - and are set for another 7 years, we hope. (Note to selves: bring in the slides BEFORE the hail becomes deafening!)

My post on Thursday about spiffing up Scoopy prompted several friends to ask about the cost of that job. The estimate we have in hand lists $300 for the removal of the old stripes and preparation of the exterior surface, $2100 to create and apply the new stripes and the three Travel Supreme logos (separate script letters, a logo for each side and the back), and $400 for a complete detailing (which we saw being done, and Scoopy definitely NEEDS it). Total = $2800, and I am sure tax will be added to that. Considerably cheaper than painting, I think.

RV Stripes and Graphics recommends a wash/wax/detailing every year, and we hope to incorporate it into our annual north/south or south/north migration. We often travel Interstate 215 through the Cajon Pass, and the job could be done with one on-site overnight on our way to and fro.

We expect to get 6 good years out of the new stripes (based on the life of our original stripes and the warranty period for the new stripes), so it breaks out to $800 per year ($2,400/6 years = $400 annually for the stripes, plus $400 annually for maintenance of the exterior) to look sharp - a price acceptable to us.

This last photo shows a motorhome in for it's annual maintenance, one year after the rig was restriped. Not as beautiful as Scoopy, of course, but this is the color scheme we have chosen. Kit, Gary - please "ooohhhh" and "aaaahhhhh" over Scoopy when we see you next year!

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  1. Wow, $450 to replace awnings over your slides sounds like a real good deal! Now the detailing...hmmm...

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron